Orthodontics (Braces for Teeth) for Straightening Teeth

Orthodontics (Braces for Teeth) is treatment to improve the alignment of the teeth.

Some people call this straightening of crooked teeth. There are now several ways of straightening teeth and making your smile more attractive.

“Braces” – the layman’s term for the appliances that are fixed to the teeth to straighten them

Modern dentistry provides a variety of solutions to achieve, or restore, an attractive smile with healthy teeth. The problem of crowded teeth can be resolved with braces and unlike the heavy metal orthodontics of the past, braces now come in a rainbow of colors, from bright pink and emerald green to white and clear. For those not wanting to wear braces around the clock, Invisalign can be removed for up to two hours each day, leaving the mouth free of intrusion at meal times.

Invisalign treatment begins with x-rays and dental impressions that are used to create a digital three-dimensional model. The dentist uses the model to determine the exact treatment. Aligners are made to fit comfortably and securely and are changed for a new aligner about every two weeks. The overall treatment time varies according to the complexity of the condition. Very mild cases can be treated within a year. Comprehensive treatment requiring extractions may take more than 2 years.

Straight teeth are essential to good dental health. They improve bite and are easier to clean and floss. Better looking teeth can restore self-confidence, which can improve overall well-being. A dentist can decide which treatment is best for the individual patient. Some patients are not good candidates for Invisalign and in that case treatment will need to be carried out with traditional braces.

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Braces can also be discreet if they are made of porcelain (ceramic).

Porcelain, or ceramic, braces are often worn by adults who don’t want their braces to be so noticeable. Unless someone is really up close to you, porcelain braces are barely noticeable. Ceramic braces cost more than metal ones. They are well worth the price if you want your treatment to be discreet.


In some cases of moderate spacing or crowding in adults, teeth can be straightened — without braces or wires using Invisalign clear aligners.

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Comparison of Invisalign and Braces

Invisalign Fixed Braces
How does it work? Invisalign uses a series of clear removable aligners to straighten your teeth without wires or brackets. Fixed braces use wires and brackets to move your teeth into straighter alignment.
Nearly invisible. Yes Most fixed braces are noticeable.
Removable during treatment. Yes You cannot remove fixed braces until treatment is completed.
Treatment doesn’t involve metal that can irritate teeth and gums Yes The metal wires and brackets used may cause irritation.
Allows you to brush and floss normally during treatment. Yes Fixed metal braces make it more difficult to floss.
Provides a computer simulation of your treatment plan from the start to the completion of treatment. Yes Although your dentist has a clear treatment plan, you will not be able to see what your teeth may look like during and after treatment.
Can it be used for all kinds of problems? Not all problems can be treated efficiently with Invisalign. Consult our dentist to find out if you are suitable for Invisalign. Fixed braces can treat a wide range of problems efficiently.
How much does it cost? Please refer to our table of fees.

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Is there an age limit for orthodontic treatment?

There is no age limit. Click Adults Wear Braces to find out more. Take the first step towards straighter teeth by clicking orthodontic consultation.

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