When was the last time you had a full dental check-up?

Benefits of a full dental checkup

  • Gives you a comprehensive understanding of your current oral health
  • Make informed decisions on your treatment
  • Save money as check-ups detect early disease that is easier and cheaper to treat than
    advanced disease.

What does a full Dental Check-up involve?

  • An interview to understand your concerns and past treatment history.
  • A visual examination
  • Radiographic examination (X-rays)

What sort of X-rays are taken?

1.   Full mouth X-ray

Gives an overall picture of your dental condition.
It can reveal many things e.g.

  • Past dental work done such as root canal treated teeth
  • Hidden or buried teeth such as wisdom teeth
  • Any infection on the roots of the teeth
  • Overall development of the teeth

2.   Intra-Oral X-rays

It can reveal

  • hidden decay in between teeth and under old fillings or crowns.
  • check the condition of old fillings & crowns.


  • X-rays (radiographs) only take a few minutes to do
  • Results can be viewed immediately.
  • Our X-rays are digital so they can be e-mailed to you at your request

Are X-rays safe?

The Singapore Dental Health Foundation states that X-rays are useful diagnostic tools for detecting cavities in
teeth, and checking for bone and gum disorders. Dental X-rays only need a low level of radiation exposure.
To protect the patient, lead apron is used.

For pregnant women X-rays are only taken when needed for treatment.
Note that use of lead apron and will offer protection against radiation exposure.
X-rays can be taken for breastfeeding mothers and women trying to get pregnant.

Note: If an X-ray examination is not done, there is the real risk that disease conditions will not be discovered.

Extra & Intra Oral Examination

Our dentist will examine your face and your mouth to detect any disease or other conditions. After this, our dentist will discuss with you any treatment necessary and advice you on how to maintain your oral health.

A healthy body is reflected in a healthy mouth.  Early detection of any abnormality in the oral cavity may save lives.

Every tooth and its surrounding gums are checked and its condition recorded for future reference.

Estimated Time take for a full dental check-up: 25 minutes

Recommended Frequency of Radiographic Exam: About every 2 years

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