When is the Best Time to Start Braces?

There is no best time to start treatment with braces. The decision to start treatment is based on many factors like the nature of the problem and the stage of growth.

It is good practice to take your child for regular checkups and ask if a problem of crooked teeth is anticipated. A child can be examined at the ages of 7, 9 and 12 to assess for problems related to the alignment of teeth and jaws.

Some problems like severe crowding (or lack of space for all the teeth), if detected early, can be treated by serial extraction from as early as seven years of age.

Other problems, like disproportionate jaws, can be treated effectively if it is detected before puberty.

In other cases, treatment may need to be done when all the baby teeth have been replaced by permanent teeth.

It is difficult for the layperson to know which cases are to be treated at which time, so it is best to come for regular checkups and we can inform you of the best time to start treatment.

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