Replacing Lost Teeth

Why bother to replace teeth?

If a tooth is lost at the back of the mouth, often people assume that it does not matter. They think that as long as the empty space does not show when they smile, nobody will know – and what people don’t see, don’t matter!

The fact is, when a tooth is lost, the neighbouring teeth will tilt into the empty space. This will cause mal-alignment of teeth, which will lead to food getting stuck in awkward spaces between the teeth. This, in turn, will cause tooth decay and gum disease. Tilted teeth are not able to withstand the forces of chewing well, thus, these teeth may slowly become loose. That means more teeth will be lost.

To prevent all these problems, Smile Makers will advise you on the different ways you can replace your teeth – according to your oral condition and your budget.

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Dental Implants – the closest thing to natural teeth!

An Implant is done when the whole tooth (including the root) is lost. Implants comprise a screw to replace the root , which is the part of the tooth that is below the gum and a crown, to replace the part of the lost tooth that was above the gum.

Implants feel secure, just like natural teeth. Learn more about Dental Implants to understand how implants are similar to natural teeth. They don’t need to be removed for washing. Clean them with brush and floss, just like natural teeth. Implants can last several years with good, daily care and regular dental checkups


Bridges are artificial teeth fixed to the natural teeth on either side of the lost tooth. Bridges are suitable for replacing just one or two lost teeth as they depend on good, strong remaining teeth for support. As they do not need to be removed, bridges are sometimes known as fixed partial dentures.

Bridges can look very natural when made fully in ceramic. However, if your bite is very heavy, then, you may beed a bridge made of porcelain fused to metal. They can be made relatively quickly, within 2 weeks. With proper care, bridges can last several years.


Dentures are removable artificial teeth. They need to be removed after every meal for proper cleaning. Dentures are relatively cheap. They are good for replacing several teeth. They are not as rigid as bridges or implants as they are supported by the gums and some remaining teeth. As the gums will change shape over time, dentures need to be replaced every three to five years.

Replacing lost teeth is important for eating, speaking, appearance and personal confidence. Smile Makers will help you make the right choice of tooth replacement.

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