The Foundation of a Healthy Smile

You might think that you have no holes in your teeth and so they are fine. But are the foundations of your teeth fine? The foundation of the teeth, the gums, can also “decay”.

Gum Disease is More Common than the common Cold.

A study conducted at the National University of Singapore showed that 88% of Singaporeans have the disease. Indeed, gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss among adults..

It is a slowly developing disease.

Most people do not know that they have the disease because the early signs of the disease are often missed or ignored.

By the time pain is felt, the disease would be in its advanced state.

Gum Disease is an inflammation of the tissues around the tooth. And it is not a problem that is confined to the mouth.

There is increasing proof that reducing inflammation and preventing chronic infection may be as important to the health of your heart as reducing high cholesterol and blood pressure.

This talk will help you to:

  • identify the signs of the disease
  • learn the ways to prevent the disease

so that you can keep a healthy smile for life.

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What People Say...

Dr Asha was very precise, concise and clear in the way she delivered the presentation. Most of my attendees came back to me and mentioned that the talk was a real eye opener on how to maintain our teeth for life! It may be a simple message, but many of us either are not aware or have neglected the issue without realizing the damage and complications that may arise.

- Wiwin Ong Human Resources Manager

The message was delivered very clearly, in simple terms using laymans language and was easily understood. The topic is highly relevant and familiar on a day-to-day basis. The PowerPoint slides were interesting and complemented the delivery of the message.

- Lau Wee Nah
Singapore Police Force

Dr. Asha delivered a topic that was unfamiliar to the general audience. She drew wonderful analogies to convey the importance of having healthy gums and teeth. Her interactive approach managed to enlighten us on the importance of proper dental care.

- Bobo Tan
ingapore Civil Defence Force


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