Fees for Treatment with Invisalign Clear Aligners


Treatment fee for Invisalign varies according to the condition of the teeth, the objectives of treatment and the duration of treatment.

  • Invisalign Lite is a package for simple cases or for limited treatment that will take about 7 months.The fee varies from $4000 to $6500.
  • The Invisalign Full package is for more complex conditions needing longer treatment time of a year or more. The fee varies from $7000 to $8500.

Not all cases are suited for treatment with clear aligners. Our doctor needs to first assess whether you are suitable for Invisalign or whether other treatment is more appropriate for you.

This can be done at an initial consultation. (Consultation Fee $50 to $120, depending on time taken). Many factors need to be considered such as the relationship of your teeth and jaws, what you desire from treatment, the time available to you etc.

If you are found to be suitable for Invisalign then our doctor will need to take and analyze records like X-rays, models and photos.

The fee for full orthodontic analysis is $235. The fee for extra-oral radiograph (X-ray) is $80 each. For more details, please see our page on “What is an Orthodontic Consultation?”

With Invisalign technology, you can view a computer simulation of how your teeth will move and look like at the end of treatment. This simulation will also answer questions on the expected length of your treatment.

There are different brands of clear aligners. At Smile Makers, we use only the Invisalign system as this is the most studied, established& innovative brand, Invisalign.

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