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Dental Implants – the closest thing to natural teeth!

Dental Implants – the closest thing to natural teeth! Think of your natural tooth in two parts: The part above the gum is called the crown. This is the white portion that you see in the mouth. The part below the gum is the root. This is the portion that keeps your tooth firm because [...]

What Adults Need to Know about Braces

There are many adults who did not get a chance to benefit from wearing braces when they were kids. Now, when they know how valuable an attractive smile is to their social and work lives, more and more adults are wearing braces – with confidence. Quite apart from improving one’s appearance, there are other reasons […]

Child’s First Dental Visit

The Ministry of Health recommends taking children for their first dental visit by the first birthday. At this first visit, the parents can get educated on the proper methods of cleaning their child’s teeth. Babies even less than one year, can develop tooth decay. This may not be noticed as the initial stages of tooth […]


Dentures -- more than a substitute for Lost Teeth When teeth have been lost, dentures are often recommended. But dentures are more than “false teeth” or just artificial teeth. Dentures help to give support to your lips and cheeks. This support would have been lost as the gums and bone that used to support your [...]

Wedding Preparations

Want to Look Radiant on your Special Day?Start with Your Smile!When you greet your guests on your Special Day, the best expression is a bright healthy smile. If your smile is less than beautiful, here are some things that can be done to give your smile and face that special radiance.   Pretty teeth need [...]

Gum Disease and Stroke

Gum Disease Increases Risk of Stroke Tooth loss and gum disease may increase a person’s risk of having a stroke. Researchers at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston , Massachusetts , followed the heart and dental health of 41,380 men between the ages of 40 and 75 for 12 years. They had no […]

Gum Disease & Diabetes

People with diabetes have a low resistance to infection They are 2.6 times more likely to contract severe gum disease, as they are more susceptible to sores, wounds, and inflammation. This susceptibility to infection is due to impaired white blood cells (polymorpho-nuclear leukocytes). White blood cells are important for maintaining healthy gums. Gum Disease is […]

Teeth Whitening

Yellow or discolored teeth can be treated with whitening agents containing carbamide peroxide. Applied directly on the surfaces of the teeth, carbamide peroxide treatments can be done at home. The dentist will construct a customized tray for the patient to hold the whitening agent and advise the patient as to how long the appliance should […]

Oral Care During Pregnancy

Good oral hygiene becomes even more important during pregnancy, as the gums tend to be especially reactive to the hormonal changes in your body. It is best to complete any outstanding dental work before pregnancy. Indeed, if you are contemplating having a baby, it is good practice to schedule a visit with us so that […]

Oral Care for Teenagers

Hygiene & Diet Keep your mouth free of tooth decay and gum disease by removing plaque that builds up on the teeth. Smile Makers can teach you the right techniques of brushing and flossing — essential skills to help you keep your teeth for life Limit sugary or starchy foods, especially sticky snacks. Fizzy, sweetened […]

Oral Care for The Elderly

Hygiene The mouth is an entry point for much bacteria. So regular and correct hygiene habits are essential to health. With age and disease, there may be a decrease in manual dexterity making it more difficult to practice these habits. Older adults may need to use electric toothbrushes and other special brushes to clean between [...]

Best Time for Braces

table {width: 100%;}table td {padding: 10px;border: 1px solid #5b5b57;}.tableFirstCol {font-weight: bold;} When is the Best Time to Start Braces? There is no best time to start treatment with braces. The decision to start treatment is based on many factors like the nature of the problem, the stage of growth and the level of co-operation or [...]